Eanbe酒場 Original Glass & Coaster set

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Style: 1人呑みセット

[Original Glass & Coaster set]
A set of original glasses and coasters with the logo of the "Eanbe 酒場" mini-magazine project on Instagram and an illustration of "DRUNKEN".

Nowadays, remote drinking and home drinking have become more familiar.

I want people to enjoy drinking with their friends, family, lovers, etc.

This set of glasses was created with this in mind.

This round glass is shaped for easy use as a glass for beer, shochu, whiskey, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, as well as for coffee and other soft drinks.

The coasters are made of cork with a full-color printed finish, and they will develop a taste as they are used.

*Sold as a 1-person or 2-person drinking set, each comes with a coaster and sticker for the number of people.

Size: Diameter 79mm x Height 103mm
Capacity: 325cc

Size: Diameter 90mm x Thickness 3mm
[Single drink set]
・Glass x 1
・Coaster x 1 *Either one type
・Sticker x 1
[Drinking set for two]
・Glass x 2
・Coaster x 2 *There are 2 types
・Sticker x 2

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Style: 1人呑みセット