"Eanbe in everyday life"

Eanbe is an Okinawan dialect word used when you feel good.

When you drink
When traveling or going out
When you go on a date with a girl you love.

If I wear an Aloha shirt,I felt a little better than usual.

Eanbe is a brand that will be there for you.

I hope that your daily life will be filled with "Eanbe".


Eanbe Aloha's theme is "Tropical City Pop".

Our goal is to create aloha shirts that can be worn not only in the tropics like conventional aloha shirts, but that also fit in with the urban landscape and lifestyle, while still providing a "tropical feel" in both body and soul.

Aloha themes and designs, such as "music," "liquor," and "laughter," will accompany you today like background music.


Eanbe's Aloha shirt fabrics are carefully selected and used depending on the design. The main material is rayon, which is often used as a fabric for Aloha shirts. Rayon, which means "shiny thread," is characterized by its strong luster and soft texture.

And Tencel (Lyocell) has a soft texture and a beautiful sheen, and has excellent moisture absorption and quick drying properties. It is said to be "the fiber made by the most environmentally friendly manufacturing method in the world" and is known as a sustainable material. We carefully select and use even better fabrics from these two materials.

In order to express the complex patterns beautifully, the shirt prints are dyed using a technique called "TENASSEN(hand printing)" at a historical and traditional dyeing factory in Kyoto. TENASSEN is a method in which craftsmen carefully dye the cloth one by one by hand, and the pattern is highly reproducible and delicate colors can be expressed.

The dyed fabric is hand-stitched by Okinawan craftsmen one by one and then delivered to you.