Eanbe is a lifestyle brand that advocates living with Hawaiian shirts. Once you put it through your sleeves, your heart will jump. When I see him in the mirror, he bursts into a smile.

We want to be a person who brings such a small joy to my daily life. May you have a lot of joy in your life with Eanbe's items.



Eanbe Aloha's theme is "Tropical City Pop"
We are aiming to make such aloha shirts that not only can be worn in tropical countries like conventional aloha shirts, but also feel tropical while being familiar with the urban landscape and life.

The themes and designs of Aloha, such as "music," "liquor," and "laughter," will be close to you today like BGM.


The fabric of Eanbe's Hawaiian shirt is carefully selected and used according to the design at that time. Rayon is mainly used as a material for general Hawaiian shirts. Rayon, which means "shining thread," is characterized by its strong luster and soft touch.

Lyocell has a soft texture and a beautiful luster, and has excellent hygroscopicity and quick-drying properties. It is also said to be "fiber made by the most environmentally friendly manufacturing method in the world" and is known as a sustainable material. We carefully select and use even better fabrics from these two materials.

Shirt prints are dyed using a technique called "hand-printing" at a traditional dyeing factory in Kyoto to beautifully express complex patterns. Hand-printing is a method in which a craftsman carefully dyes the cloth one by one by hand, and the pattern is highly reproducible and delicate shades can be expressed.

The dyed fabric is hand-sewn by Okinawan craftsmen one by one to complete and deliver it to you.


Clothes that express individuality with patterns like Hawaiian shirts are because we think that "not wearing with people" is the real pleasure and fun of wearing.

Eanbe items are released in small quantities for one design.

360 days out of 365 days a year For me who wears an aloha shirt
At the same time, the "goodness of not wearing" that is created by small-quantity production is an unyielding commitment.
I think that it will lead to sustainable brand management that does not leave too much clothes.

As a brand that is "three-way good" for creators, buyers, and society
I hope you will love me for a long time.