DARUMA Vietnam Jacket

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[The second theme of the "outerwear that fits aloha" series is "Daruma"]
With the Corona Disaster calming down from its peak and the world in the mood to regain its former everyday scenery, Eanbe chose "Daruma" as the theme for its new outerwear, which is well-known for "no matter how many times you fall down, you get up..

The illustration is a mix of Daruma dolls, which have been loved by many people since ancient times as a good-luck charm, and Shisa, the guardian god of Eanbe's Okinawa roots. This Vietnam jacket features embroidery that will make you feel positive and even bring you luck just by wearing it.
[Embroidery design by Mr. Frankie Sehi]
The embroidered artwork is by painter and artist "Frankie Suehi," who has collaborated with companies such as Google, Starbucks, and Instagram, as well as his own solo exhibitions, live painting, and a wide variety of other expressive methods.

On the front, the "Takasaki Daruma" face, whose eyebrows represent two animals, a "crane" and a "turtle" with a beard, is placed on the right breast, and the "Fuku" embroidered on the left breast of the "Fukurokuju" doll. On the back, the Daruma doll is based on the Okinawan Shisa motif, with a message font boldly applied.

[Thoughts put into "FALL 7 TIMES, GET UP WHENEVER"]
The font "FALL 7 TIMES, GET UP WHENEVER" expresses Frankie's interpretation of "Eanbe-ness. The sentence "Fall down seven times, get up whenever you want," rather than "fall down seven times, get up eight times," expresses the idea that in times like these, "no matter how many times you fall down, you can get up whenever you want, at your own good Eanbe timing.



Length Sleeve Length



M 62cm 67cm 77cm
L 64cm 70cm 78cm
[To match Hawaiian shirts and favorite innerwear]
Like the previous "DRUNKEN," Eanbe's Vietnam jackets are produced under the concept of "outerwear that goes well with aloha shirts," and are perfect with simple innerwear such as plain knits and T-shirts, as well as Eanbe's aloha shirts. It is also recommended to be worn over a sweatshirt or hoodie on days when it is a little chilly.
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Height 180cm: Size L
Height 164cm: Size S
Height 175cm: Size L

A dress material: cotton100%
Lining body: cotton100%
Sleeves : polyester100%

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Size: S