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[LOSE OR BOOZE. but Enjoy Drinking!!]

This is an original Eanbe adaptation of a key chain that was used in a game to decide who buys drinks at American bars.

It can be used not only as a key ring, but also as a necklace top by attaching a chain or string.

The other part of the finger is a bottle opener, so it can also be used  for bottled beer and so.

【How to play】
① Rotate the machine by using the protrusion on the back of the main unit as a fulcrum.

②The person who stops at "YOU PAY" buys a drink for the person who stops at "YOU LUCKY" (the person to the right).

*You can also use it in such a way that the person who stops at "YOU PAY" pays the full amount at the last checkout.

Lose the game or booze for free?
No hard feelings if you drink happily!

< Material >
*Please note that there may be minor scratches and color discoloration due to the specifications of the brass processing.

<Size >
8 cm x 2.4 cm

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