Brain juice making machine

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サイズ: XS

*The pattern has been changed to a new silhouette with a looser width.

[Pachinko is a game that can be enjoyed with good seasoning. ]

The theme of this shirt is "Pachinko," and it depicts a scene from a pachinko parlor in the good old days. The artwork is by Mizutanitanishi.

The refreshing mint green body with red kanji characters meaning "gambling machine" or "brain juice machine" is hot. It is a good idea to match it with simple items casually and easily in anticipation of the summer season.

People who don't play pachinko may not understand what pachinko is all about. Still, if you wear it, there is a 50% chance that it will get your brain juices flowing.

This is one piece of clothing that will allow you to enjoy your daily life in a slightly aroused state.




Width shoulder width
Sleeve Length



50cm 26cm
S. 72cm 64cm 52cm 26.5cm
M. 75cm 66cm 54cm 27cm
L. 78cm 68cm 56cm 27.5cm
XL 81cm 70cm 58cm


<new pattern>
From 2023, we have changed to a new silhouette pattern with more room in the shoulders and width of the body. Please check the size chart for details.

<model wear size>
Height 180cm Size XL
Height 175cm Size L

100% cellulose

*Product photos have been processed to match the actual color as much as possible, but the color of the actual product may differ depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.

【ABOUT Build to order】
This product will be available only in limited quantities and for a limited period of time, as each item is made by hand by craftsmen from dyeing the fabric to sewing. Please note that there is a limit to the number of pieces for each design.

【Build to order Sales Schedule】
Sales period:5/15~6/18 ※Sales may end early
Shipping Period:Ships sequentially from around August 18


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<Regarding product handling>
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[Printed and sewn by skilled craftsmen]

In order to express the complex patterns beautifully, the shirt prints are dyed using a technique called "hand printing" at dye factories with a long history and tradition in Japan. Hand printing is a method in which craftsmen carefully dye the cloth one by one by hand, and the pattern is highly reproducible and delicate colors can be expressed.

The dyed fabric is hand-stitched by Okinawan craftsmen one by one and then delivered to you.

サイズ: XS